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Senior National Sales Director

Rafael Villa continues to build a successful business with Valuteachers. Before joining Valuteachers, Rafael was the co-founder and president of Fortune House International Realty, with over 1.5 billion international listings and sales, topping over 300 million per year. Rafael has held Senior Level positions such as President and General Manager for several five-star diamond hotels. He was also the CEO of the Hospitality Division of Terramark Worldwide. In his free time, he enjoys sharing his passion for flying aircraft with his three sons, outdoor sports activities, and traveling with his partner in life as well as spending quality time with his family.

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Senior Retirement Specialist

Ana Fajardo is a Senior Retirement Specialist with ValuTeachers whose mission is to ensure all her clients in the school system, businesses, and individuals with diverse backgrounds can retire with financial peace. She became a successful entrepreneur over 22 years ago consulting clients on investments and retirement. She has her own firm with her partner where they have created a successful track record both with their personal clients as well as building teams in different states. When she is not working, She loves to spend time with family including her paw babies Bellini and Brandy. Among many passions, travel is on the top of her list.  She is a highly motivated overachiever that loves to help others and is always positive and happy in every part of her life.

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