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About Us

Welcome to Wealth Companies, where your financial future is our utmost priority. We are a dedicated financial advisory firm, committed to guiding those who shape our communities - government workers, education professionals, small business owners, and more - towards a secure retirement. Our team understands the unique financial challenges and opportunities that come with these professions. Through tailored advice and a deep commitment to providing accurate information, we ensure that you're not just retiring, but retiring right. Let us be your partner in crafting a future filled with promise and potential.

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Our Mission

At Wealth Companies, our mission is simple yet profound: to assemble the finest team of financial advisors, retirement specialists and agents who are attuned to the distinct needs of every client we serve. We believe in the power of the right guidance, and that begins with having the right people by our side. As we continue to grow and expand, our aspiration remains unwavering—to touch the lives of countless individuals with our expertise. By meticulously recruiting the ideal team, and with the right partners, we ensure that whether you're navigating the complexities of the retirement process or seeking the assurance of life insurance, your experience is personalized, efficient, and above all, fulfilling. Together, let's build a future that echoes with security and prosperity.

Why Us

Through our partners we service over 6,000 schools nationwide and are honored to guide over 160,000 educators, and school employees to their retirement dreams.

Our success begins with our people. We believe that supporting, teaching, and inspiring builds leaders for tomorrow. Knowledge is power. Through our mentorship and training programs, our associates become some of the most educated retirement specialists in the industry.

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